Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Vicky Jones On The Voice UK

Vicky Jones was on The Voice on BBC1 last Saturday. She is my PR's assistant and her brother is Danny Jones from Mc Fly. Vicky has always been a fan of my Mr Bones collection and she wore my Mr Bones ring on The Voice which was nice to see as I love the show.

Vicky Jones got through and chose Tom Jones to be her mentor. I am looking forward to seeing how far Vicky goes in the show. It is the first time I know a person on a show personally so I will be routing for her all the way:)

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Georgia Horsley Wearing My Jewellery In The Daily Star Newspaper

Model Georgia Horsley who is engaged to Danny Jones from McFly modelled for the UK Lingerie Awards back in December 2013 and wore my jewellery in a photo shoot for the Daily Star Newspaper.

Georgia Horsley a couple of my rings but their not shown that clearly

Georgia Horsley also wore my leaf & pearl bracelet

This photo was also featured on the Daily Mail website