Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sarah Harding In LA Again Wearing My Jewellery Designs

Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud is back in LA again with her boyfriend Mark Foster and I spotted her wearing my jewellery designs again.

Here is Sarah Harding at Los Angeles airport wearing my large renaissance style cross pendant and silver skull bracelet.

Apparently Sarah Harding is house hunting with her boyfriend and she was pictured wearing wearing my cross pendant while house hunting in LA.

Sarah Harding wore my cross pendant again at a Hollywood event. 

This is Sarah Harding's second trip to LA since I met her and in-between when she came home she was pictured wearing my Ankhs charm ring and silver skull bracelet at a Harvey Nichols event in Manchester.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Rosie Fortescue From Made In Chelsea - Style Blog

Rosie Fortescue from Made In Chelsea is wearing my jewellery designs on her style blog again.

Rosie Fortescue is wearing my vintage stars necklace.

Millie Mackintosh (now Manderson) wore the same design in her FHM photoshoot.

Rosie Fortescue also wore my gold chunky chain necklace again.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Congratulations To Millie Mackintosh On Her Wedding Day

I am so happy for Millie Mackintosh that she found love and married Professor Green.

I first met Millie Mackintosh when she first got together with Hugo Taylor and then I met her again after when they split up so it is so nice that Millie has found the love of her life.

Millie looks amazing on her wedding day.

Millie's gorgeous wedding dress is from Alice Temperley

Millie's bridesmaids dress were beautiful too which are from Ghost

I have been designing earrings for some of my customers bridesmaids which I feel honoured to do. Here are my latest custom design which would of went well with the bridesmaids dresses from Ghost. 

I loved the pink colour so much I have a couple of pairs for sale on my website. They are made from pink & crystal jewels

Friday, 6 September 2013

Taylor Swift Still Wearing My Magnifying Glass Pendant

Taylor Swift wore my magnifying glass long chain pendant in Sydney, Australia last year March 2012

This week Taylor Swift was photographed again wearing my magnifying glass pendant in LA

I was lucky to get the opportunity to get my jewellery designs to Taylor Swift when I worked with a brand in LA back in 2011 and her stylist needed some jewellery for a magazine shoot. Here is Taylor Swift wearing my vintage style purse locket pendant for USA TODAY

Taylor Swift has been wearing my designs for over two years now. Here is Taylor Swift wearing my Timepiece long chain pendant in 2011

She told her stylist that she loved the jewellery so much she wanted to buy her friends some pieces. Taylor Swift also has my harmonica pendant, birdcage pendant and hourglass pendant.

I was also lucky enough to see Taylor Swift in New York last October when I randomly walked down a street and saw a crowd of people and Taylor Swift was going into a building so I gave her my Lookbook which lucky enough I had in my bag!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Sophie Anderton Wearing My Earrings In The Celebrity Big Brother House

Sophie Anderton was wearing my hammered brass earrings in tonight's episode of Celebrity Big Brother.

I managed to catch Celebrity Big Brother and it was nice to see Sophie Anderton wearing my earrings throughout the whole episode. Unfortunately for her she is up for nominations. I have met Sophie before at one of my press events and she is such a lovely person but I think the pressure being in a house with a lot of different personalities maybe getting to her.

Here is Sophie Anderton at my first press day. I'm putting my evil eye bracelet on her, she loved my designs.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sophie Anderton Wearing My Turquoise Ring In OK Magazine

Sophie Anderton is currently in the Celebrity Big Brother house. She has some of my designs which she might wear in the BB house but unfortunately I haven't been watching the show. I have recorded the show so when I get time I will watch it.

Here is Sophie Anderton wearing my turquoise ring in OK magazine.