Friday, 30 July 2010

A Thank You Card From Alexa Chung

As promised I scanned the card Alexa Chung sent me. Isn't her artwork lovely?

Alexa Chung will be launching her Madewell collection in Septemeber in the New York Soho store which include her T shirt designs with her illustrations.

The card from Alexa Chung is for the designs I sent her, I sent one of my interchangeable vintage chains with 3 pendants:

A golden harmonica, skeleton lady cameo and magnifying glass pendant to go with the long interchangeable chain so look out for when/if she wears my designs:)

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Alexa Chung inspired skull necklace design

A card arrived this morning from Alexa Chung thanking me for the necklace I sent her! I will scan the card and put it on my next blog but I thought I would share one of my designs that was inspired by her lovely skull necklace that actually costs nearly $1000 but my version is only £20!

My Mr Bones version, which one do you prefer?

Alexa Chung is one of my idols so it is a honour to know she has my designs and that she wrote a thank you note to me. I sent Alexa Chung 3 designs that I will share in my next blog:)

P.S I didn't send Alexa Chung my Mr Bones design.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Davina McCall wearing my designs on Big Brother!

I am over the moon and so honoured that Davina McCall has been wearing my jewellery designs on Big Brother and Big Brother Little Brother!
I made her a lovely dainty necklace with a vintage blue crystal eye connector that can not be found anywhere so there is only 3 of these necklaces that have been made.

The beautiful Davina McCall on Big Brother 9th July 2010

This is one of my first designs I designed when I first started designing vintage inspired jewellery back in Oct/Nov 2009 and I feel this was fate that I never sold these so I could send this to Davina for the last ever Big Brother in the UK.

I have also made Davina McCall a vintage pink crystal eye version that she wore on the show Big Brother Little Brother on the 16th July 2010

Davina McCall is an inspiring role model who is a very successful TV presenter and also a Mum like me:) She is so funny and makes me laugh and when ever she is on telly she cheers me up so I hope to watch more programmes with her when Big Brother is over.