Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Clothes Show Live Part 2

Last Monday I went to The Clothes Show Live to see how my jewellery was selling and check out the show for the first time.

I bumped into Josie Gibson the winner from Big Brother 2010 as she was shopping with her friend. She is so lovely and friendly.

Josie Gibson has my real turquoise gold ring and gold ribbed cuff. I bumped into Josie outside as well and she was telling me how much she loves the gold ribbed cuff.

I went to see the Fashion show and saw JLS which was exciting:)

BB from Dirty Sexy Things was modelling, I loved that show!

Then right at the end I met up with Zainab the winner of Styled To Rock Rihanna's fashion reality show. We had a nice chat and she looked through my designs. She loved my pointed jewel rings, cat ring and gold hammered bracelet.

I am sending Zainab some jewellery to use in her photoshoot for her Lookbook this weekend so that will be exciting to see.

Overall The Clothes Show was a interesting experience but I am not sure if I will be selling next year as it is more of a place for cheap bargains. I didn't see any clothes I liked, considering it is called The Clothes Show the clothes sold there are clothes you would buy in the market so not very good quality and I prefer quality than cheap prices I'm afraid.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Clothes Show Live

My jewellery is being sold at The Clothes Show Live 5 day event. I am not there personally to sell it as I am so busy. I am however going there on Monday to see it and also doing some shopping:)

I am selling about 40 designs out of my 300 designs.

Today was the first day and my PR was there to meet celebrities back stage which was exciting to see and hear about. She met Gemma Collins from The Only Way Is Essex which was exciting as I always watch TOWIE as I love reality shows. Gemma chose some of my silver designs.

Model and presenter Laura Jackson wore my triangle arrowhead pendant while presenting at the show which was great to see.

My PR also met Jessica-Jane Clement who I have met before at my press day and she has a few of my designs before. Today she chose my peace pendant.

Britain and Ireland's next top model contestants are at The Clothes Show Live and my PR met the winner of Britain's Next Top Model Letitia Herod back stage and she chose my vintage turquoise matrix bracelet and ruby red pointed jewel ring. I love Britain's Next Top Model so that was so great to find out and see a photo too.

My Earring Featured In The Sunday Times

I have had quite a lot of features in magazines this year but as I am so busy I forget to blog about it but last Sunday I had a nice surprise. I did not expect my Art Deco with vintage lapis blue stone earrings to be in The Sunday Times Style magazine.

I was also surprised to see the price of the designs featured on the same page and feel honoured to be featured next to such high end jewellery designers!

Millie Mackintosh Wearing My Ring In Grazia Video

Millie Mackintosh hasn't much of a story line in this series of Made In Chelsea so they only show her for a few minutes at a time in each episode.

I haven't seen her wear much jewellery either this series. I did notice she was wearing my vintage lapis blue matrix ring in her video for Grazia magazine.

Millie Mackintosh's Made In Chelsea Tips For Being A Chelsea Girl

I have spotted Millie wearing my designs in quite a few magazine video interviews. Here is Millie wearing my Peace & Love earrings in an interview for Reveal magazine.

Also an interview for Yahoo.

Millie has been wearing my Peace & Love earrings for about a year and a half now! She also said to be she wears my evil eye bracelet all the time.

The bracelet is so small and dainty I can never get a photo of her wearing it. Maybe one day!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Millie Mackintosh Wearing My Navy Blue Jewel Earrings On Made In Chelsea

There isn't much of a story line for Millie Mackintosh in series 4 of Made In Chelsea so I am not getting to see Millie wearing much of my jewellery designs. In the first episode of series 4 she wore my peace & love earrings and vintage turquoise matrix ring

I have been watching out every episode and at last in episode 5 she wore my jewel earrings. Millie has so many of my earrings so I wasn't sure which colour as a few people thought they were emerald and she has my emerald jewel earrings.

After looking closer they look my navy blue earrings which were not even on my website. My navy blue jewel earrings are now available on my website.

I hope to see Millie wearing lots more of my jewellery designs in the rest of series 4 of Made In Chelsea.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Harry Judd From McFlys Fiance Izzy Johnson

I found out today Harry from McFlys Fiance Izzy Johnson wore my angel wing bracelet in this week's Hello Magazine

This is the first time my designs are in Hello magazine, I can't wait to buy the magazine tomorrow:)

Monday, 5 November 2012

New Website

I launched my new website today but while I am transferring my domain address everyone can access my new website at

I love this shot of model and girlfriend of Danny from McFly, Georgia Horsley on my website home page. It was taken in Greenwich not far from where I live.

Later tonight my website might not be accessed but don't worry it will be back online soon so please try again in the morning. Hope you all like my new website:)

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Millie Mackintosh wearing my new vintage lapis blue ring

Millie Mackintosh from Made In Chelsea loved wearing my vintage turquoise matrix ring for nearly a year now so I thought she would like my new darker blue version.

I've been waiting to see photos of Millie wearing my new vintage lapis blue matrix ring and today I found some of her when she went to see the new Crazy Horse cabaret production Forever Crazy in London with her boyfriend Professor Green.

This is another design that is made with a vintage stone so very limited!

Made In Chelsea is back on Monday the 15th October I hope Millie will be wearing my designs again for series 4.

Monday, 1 October 2012

X Factor Finalists

Yesterday I knew Tulisa would be wearing my brass collar necklace on X Factor so I was really excited to watch the show but I was also looking forward finding out who the finalists were.

Waiting to hear the results of the finalist is always so tense so seeing my necklace on Tulisa made it more exciting for me.

I was happy to hear Jade Ellis got through as she is from my area and she reminds me of one of my favourite singers, Alicia Keys.

Ella Henderson also got through and personally she is the best in the girls category and has a good chance of winning.

Last but not least Lucy Spraggan got through. I mentioned Lucy in another blog post, I know someone who knows her so she has a few of my designs too.

The Mail On Sunday - You Magazine

Yesterday my cube drop earrings were featured in The Mail On Sunday's You Magazine "Hot List"

Monday, 24 September 2012

Tulisa wearing necklace on X Factor

I am really excited to watch next weeks X Factor as Tulisa is wearing my brass collar necklace at judges houses.

Tulisa has quite a few of my designs so I will be looking out for her wearing more of my designs.

Tulisa is the judge on X Factor for the girls catorogy this year and Lucy Spraggan also has a few of my designs too. I know someone who knows her and Lucy chose a few of my designs my ADVANCE TO GO bracelet, peace pendant and bird engraved locket. I didn't know who she was at first and I really liked Lucy's audition on X Factor but I didn't find out till recently that is was her. I'm so glad she got through to judges houses. Her song tonight "Tea & Toast" made me cry, she is such a good songwriter!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Millie Mackintosh Eye Lash Line for Nouveau Lashes

It is nice to see Millie Mackintosh doing so well. I first met Millie in July 2011 before she was a main character in Made In Chelsea so it is good to see how far she has come.

Millie has been modelling for various brands including Lipsy VIP collection and now she has her own range of false eye lashes for Nouveau lashes.

I love eye lash extensions but their not practical so I would try false eye lashes and Millie's eye lash line sounds really good.

The launch of her eye lashes was yesterday and she was interviewed by Grazia. I was reading her interview and shocked to see she mentioned me! Well my earrings:)

As she was wearing my Peace & Love earrings at her interview.

Millie even wore my Peace & Love earrings at her launch of her eye lashes line last night.

Millie's boyfriend Professor Green went to the launch to support her and look how proud he is of her, so sweet:)

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Millie Mackintosh wearing my designs out & about in London

I still love seeing Millie Mackintosh wearing my designs. She still wears my Peace & Love earrings

and my gold vintage turquoise matrix ring

The turquoise stone is vintage and I keep selling out. As they are vintage I never know if I can make more but I do have a few in stock now but this design sells out so fast!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Millie Mackintosh at the Candy Kitten's Launch Party

Millie Mackintosh looked so beautiful at Jamie Laing's Candy Kitten launch party. It was nice to see Millie wearing one of my new designs, my Rose water opal earrings.

I actually made these earrings a couple of months ago but I have only recently put them on my website.

Millie has so many of my earring designs and other designs so sometimes I forget she has them until I see them on her. She is currently filming the next series of Made In Chelsea so I hope to get to see my designs on her like the last series.

Monday, 30 July 2012

New Gypsy Chain Headpiece

I have been wanting to make a chain headpiece for a long time, as I am so busy and headpieces are new to me I have only got round to making one. I am really happy with how it has turned out.

My friend Tuesday-Rose is modelling my headchain with my new gold ribbed cuff which is my new version of my brass ribbed cuff and my new turquoise gold ring

The gypsy chain headpiece looks so beautiful on and really easy to wear

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Millie Mackintosh & Professor Green In New York

Millie Mackintosh and Professor Green are in New York for Millie's birthday. I knew she was going to New York as we text each other and she told me that she was going but I didn't realise she would be wearing my vintage turquoise matrix ring.

It seems like she has been wearing my ring none stop for 8 months now!

Millie has said before I really know her style but I think we have a similar style as she wears clothes that I either have or like and the Mulberry bag in the photos above I also have in a darker brown colour, which I love:)

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Featured in the Mail On Sunday You Magazine

Today I had a nice surprise, one of my designs is in the Mail On Sunday's magazine supplement "You Magazine"

My new brass collar necklace which was worn on a model wearing a gorgeous Mulberry dress