Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Clothes Show Live Part 2

Last Monday I went to The Clothes Show Live to see how my jewellery was selling and check out the show for the first time.

I bumped into Josie Gibson the winner from Big Brother 2010 as she was shopping with her friend. She is so lovely and friendly.

Josie Gibson has my real turquoise gold ring and gold ribbed cuff. I bumped into Josie outside as well and she was telling me how much she loves the gold ribbed cuff.

I went to see the Fashion show and saw JLS which was exciting:)

BB from Dirty Sexy Things was modelling, I loved that show!

Then right at the end I met up with Zainab the winner of Styled To Rock Rihanna's fashion reality show. We had a nice chat and she looked through my designs. She loved my pointed jewel rings, cat ring and gold hammered bracelet.

I am sending Zainab some jewellery to use in her photoshoot for her Lookbook this weekend so that will be exciting to see.

Overall The Clothes Show was a interesting experience but I am not sure if I will be selling next year as it is more of a place for cheap bargains. I didn't see any clothes I liked, considering it is called The Clothes Show the clothes sold there are clothes you would buy in the market so not very good quality and I prefer quality than cheap prices I'm afraid.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Clothes Show Live

My jewellery is being sold at The Clothes Show Live 5 day event. I am not there personally to sell it as I am so busy. I am however going there on Monday to see it and also doing some shopping:)

I am selling about 40 designs out of my 300 designs.

Today was the first day and my PR was there to meet celebrities back stage which was exciting to see and hear about. She met Gemma Collins from The Only Way Is Essex which was exciting as I always watch TOWIE as I love reality shows. Gemma chose some of my silver designs.

Model and presenter Laura Jackson wore my triangle arrowhead pendant while presenting at the show which was great to see.

My PR also met Jessica-Jane Clement who I have met before at my press day and she has a few of my designs before. Today she chose my peace pendant.

Britain and Ireland's next top model contestants are at The Clothes Show Live and my PR met the winner of Britain's Next Top Model Letitia Herod back stage and she chose my vintage turquoise matrix bracelet and ruby red pointed jewel ring. I love Britain's Next Top Model so that was so great to find out and see a photo too.

My Earring Featured In The Sunday Times

I have had quite a lot of features in magazines this year but as I am so busy I forget to blog about it but last Sunday I had a nice surprise. I did not expect my Art Deco with vintage lapis blue stone earrings to be in The Sunday Times Style magazine.

I was also surprised to see the price of the designs featured on the same page and feel honoured to be featured next to such high end jewellery designers!

Millie Mackintosh Wearing My Ring In Grazia Video

Millie Mackintosh hasn't much of a story line in this series of Made In Chelsea so they only show her for a few minutes at a time in each episode.

I haven't seen her wear much jewellery either this series. I did notice she was wearing my vintage lapis blue matrix ring in her video for Grazia magazine.

Millie Mackintosh's Made In Chelsea Tips For Being A Chelsea Girl

I have spotted Millie wearing my designs in quite a few magazine video interviews. Here is Millie wearing my Peace & Love earrings in an interview for Reveal magazine.

Also an interview for Yahoo.

Millie has been wearing my Peace & Love earrings for about a year and a half now! She also said to be she wears my evil eye bracelet all the time.

The bracelet is so small and dainty I can never get a photo of her wearing it. Maybe one day!