Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Crystal Quartz Meaning & Healing Properties

I am currently taking a crystal healing course as I've always been interested in crystals since an early age and I've been using crystals in my jewellery designs so I wanted to learn more about the meanings and the healing properties.

Crystal quartz is a master healer, it is the most powerful healing stone as it can be used to heal any condition with the intention to heal. It also amplifies the energy of other crystals so ideal to use or wear with other healing stones. It can also amplify your emotions so if your happy it can amplify your happiness.

Crystal quartz promotes creativity and purifies your thoughts and feelings.

Physically it helps with purifying and re-energerizing your whole body. It is ideal to wear when your lacking motivation as it is an energising crystal.

My first design using crystal quartz, my crystal quartz point long chain pendant.

Fearne Cotton is known for being spiritual, she wore my silver version.

Spiritually crystal quartz can help you connect and communicate with your spirit guides and intuition. 

One of latest designs with crystal quartz is my dreamcatcher necklace and long chain pendant.

For a more simple design I have a crystal quartz necklace with a double point.

I will be making more crystal quartz designs and as I learn more about the healing properties I will blog more information.