Sunday, 19 December 2010

Web Fashion Icon - The Blonde Salad - Part 3

The last month has been so busy and lots of great things happening which I will go into detail in my next blog.

This is part 3 of Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad blog wearing my jewellery designs. I like to read her blog everyday as I find her life so fascinating. Chiara has a facebook page which she updates daily too.

As you can The Blonde Salad blog has the most amazing photography which stands out to many other blog's. Chiara shares everyday of her life which I think gets you hooked in. Last month Chiara was invited to London for some Dior events which she shows all the gifts from Dior!

Here is Chiara at the park in Italy wearing my Globe Pendant with a lovely electric blue cashmere dress eating designer macaroons!

There are many wonderful photos in Chiara's blog post in the park but here are a few with my Globe Pendant.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Web Fashion Icon - The Blonde Salad - Part 2

I am very lucky that Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad blog wears my jewellery designs as she has the most wonderful fashion style. She is the sweetest person and says such lovely things to me about my jewellery. Here is Chiara wearing my Pocket watch pendant on the streets of Milan with a Mulberry Alexa bag which I would love!

I love her rabbit scarf which is from Zara. Chiara Ferragni was featured on the Turkey Vogue website wearing this outfit.

Chiara has the most adorable dog which makes me want one too:)

Friday, 19 November 2010

"My Dear Watson" Style Board

I made this style board a while ago which is inspired by Sherlock Holmes to go with My Dear Watson magnifying glass pendant.

The boots are my favourite, another find from Marc Jacobs! I'm loving that brand right now and look forward to being able to buy something from Marc Jacob's one day:)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Web Fashion Icon - The Blonde Salad - Part 1

I am so blessed and honoured about all the wonderful people I have connected with through my jewellery designs. A very successful Italian fashion blogger has been wearing my designs in the last month and she is now my fashion icon, I absolutely love her style! She mixes designer and high street fashion which looks absolutely fabulous.

"The Blonde Salad" fashion blogger is the beautiful "Chiara Ferragni"

Chiara Ferragni has the most amazing life style that is wonderful to read and see on her blog. She has been featured in many newspapers and magazines including Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Grazia to name a few! Also TV appearances including a chat show with Misha Barton and Chiara was on stage at the MTV TRL Awards 2010!

Last month Chiara Ferragni wore my Mr Bones and Corpse Bride collection.

Chiara Ferragni wearing my Corspe Bride Ring and Mr Bones Ring

Chiara wearing my Mr Bones Necklace

To be continued:)

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Librarian

I'm really getting into doing style boards. If I had more time I would do them everyday! What I love about Kaboodle is that you can add products to your "Wish List" or make any kind of lists. You can do it straight from the product as I have added Kaboodle to my tool bar so when ever I see anything I like I just add it to my Wish List.

Here is my style board called "The Librarian" that I made on Polyvore:

My favourite piece apart from my necklace Reading Glasses Long Chain Pendant is the blouse. I love fitted shirts and especially this one from which is made by Labour of Love, London.

I love the shoes too but I prefer these shoes below:

These are from but are no longer available! I found them on Kaboodle, like I said before it is a great community to share products so if anyone who has joined or will join add me as a friend and we can share our wonderful fashion items that we find:)

Sunday, 10 October 2010


I have found another website called Polyvore to make style boards that I think looks better than the Kaboodle style boards but I prefer Kadoodle for the community and fun things to do.

I made the style board above on Polyfore which is the kind of outfit I would wear out on Halloween and the best pendant to go with the Halloween theme is my lovely quirky skeleton lady cameo the Corpse Bride long chain pendant.

The style board below is on Kaboodle, if I was tall I would wear this dress but long dresses don't suit me unfortunately.

Corpse Bride
Corpse Bride by zarataylor

I'm loving the Alexander McQueen skull shoes but they are too high for me. I do prefer comfort when it comes to shoes as I have a low pain thresh hold!

My favourite piece is the Alexander McQueen skull and crown bag which is definitely on my wish list.

I really recommend joining Kaboodle and Polyvore, making style boards are so much fun and I'm finding some lovely things to put on my new wish list:)

Thursday, 7 October 2010


This is the first time I've ever done a style board and I had so much fun!

Hello Sailor
Hello Sailor by zarataylor

I love wearing my jewellery everyday and love matching my outfits with my jewellery so this was so enjoyable to do as I could choose what ever I wanted.
I love this outfit as it goes so well with my telescope pendant and most of all I have fallen in love with the bag and boots!

This is "Marc By Marc Jacobs Saddlery Sophie" that I absolutely LOVE and WANT! It is now top of my wish list of bag's that I most want and these boots are a perfect match.

"The Aberdeen Two-Tone Boot" from Madewell which is the same brand that Alexa Chung designs! Don't you just love them? These are top of my wish list too:)

I joined Kaboodle a long time ago but never got round to doing much on there but it looks like a fun community. You can make polls of things you can't decide on and other member's can vote on which they think is the best choice. Take a look its so much fun:)

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Fearne magnifying glass pendant!

Fearne Cotton has been wearing my magnifying glass pendant for nearly 6 months now and I still get excited when I see her wearing it.

Did anyone see Fearne Cotton wearing my magnifying glass pendant on the latest shows of "Fearne and...."?

The first episode in this series was "Fearne and Mischa Barton" which was interesting as I have only seen Mischa Barton in the magazines so it was good to see what she is like in real life. I felt sorry for her but at the same time thought it was quite bad that she kept Fearne Cotton waiting for so long all the time.

Fearne Cotton wearing my magnifying glass pendant in LA with Mischa Barton:)

While Fearne Cotton was filming in LA she also filmed some of her second episode with Perez Hilton.

Fearne Cotton on the 16th August with Perez Hilton in Beverley Hills wearing my magnifying glass pendant:)

I also enjoyed this episode as I never knew much about Perez Hilton and I admired his drive to do well as I am like that, be the best you can be. He has done really well with his blog and he is worth millions:)

This was the photo Fearne Cotton used on her Twitter profile a few months ago, how amazing is that? I couldn't of found a better photo of her wearing my pendant. You can see the vintage brass clasp I used to make the chain interchangeable. She has also worn my telescope pendant, harmonica pendant and flying cockroach with this chain. I love it:)

Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Mumpreneur Conference and Awards 2010

I haven't been updating my blog as often as I would of liked as I've been extremely busy with an exciting new venture with a LA company which I will be revealing soon!

I have so much news I am even doing two posts in one day! If I blogged about all my news I would be here all day but I always let my Facebook and Twitter followers know all my news and love interacting so please join in:)

Anyway yesterday I went to The Mumpreneur Conference and Awards 2010 as I was a finalist but unfortunately I didn't win but the winners were very worthy winners which have done amazing things with their businesses. I was so inspired and excited about all my new ventures so hopefully I will be up for another award next year:)

This is me at the awards yesterday, I was wearing my butterfly necklace with matching butterfly charm bracelet, Karen Millen dress and Kirk Geiger shoes.

I met Jo Cameron from The Apprentice as she was a judge on the panel and she also gave out an award. She is lovely and funny just like she was on the show The Apprentice.

I also wore a grey blazer from New Look, feather bag from ASOS and a butterfly scarf from Portobello Market.

Fashion Bloggers Continued....

I forgot to mention that Llymlrs who I sponsor, won a competition with Look magazine as a fashion blogger to sit front row at the The Look Show:)

Lily wearing my Corpse Bride but worn as a shorter necklace at The Look Show:)

My first sponsored fashion blogger A Little Bird Told Me is also doing amazing things. I found Jen when I first found out about the concept of fashion bloggers sharing the their daily outfits.

The first photo of Jen wearing my designs, the Purse Long Chain Pendant.

Jen wearing my Flying Cockroach Pendant.

Jen wearing my Timepiece Pendant

Jen has been picked for the Project Take 10 Challenge which is a group of 10 fashion bloggers with individual styles, working the same piece in ten totally different ways. The first challenge was sponsored by Dorothy Perkins using their waistcoat.

Jen wearing my Timepiece with the Dorothy Perkins waistcoat:)

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Fashion Bloggers

I have been featured in a lot of fashion blog's over the last few months and so much other exciting stuff which I felt too overwhelmed to blog about. I want to start blogging more often now so I will update you all with what is happening now.

At the moment I officially sponsor two fashion blog's, A Little Bird Told Me and Llymlrs

I'll start with Llymlrs

Lily is 19 yrs old and I was her first sponsor. Above is the first photo of Lily wearing my jewellery designs. I love her blog and love the concept of showing people outfits that you wear each day. She has worn my designs with many outfits not because I sponser her blog but because she likes my designs. My long chain pendants are designed to be worn everyday with many outfits. That is my concept and that is what I do. I have worn the same chain everyday for around 10 months now which I made interchangeable so I can swap the pendants round each day for each outfit. I use a special vintage clasp so that the pendants can come off the chain. That is what I did for Fearne Cotton and Lily.

Lily wearing my Corpse Bride Pendant which I will start wearing soon as Halloween is next month (I LOVE Halloween:)

Lily playing my miniature harmonica pendant which I love as I always wanted to have a pic of someone playing it. I sponsor Lily's blog but I don't ask for her to wear my jewellery so it's a nice surprise when I look on her blog.

Lily wearing my binocular pendant and a lovely Primark dress. Fashion blog's are good for seeing the latest fashion and styles so I would highly recommend followering A Little Bird Told Me and Llymlrs blog's.

I will update with more news soon. I have started doing my interchangeable range with my new hourglass pendant and cockroach collection. I will be adding the option to the rest of my long chain pendants next week as I'm off to The Mumpreneur Conference & Awards this weekend so outfit to prepare and matching jewellery to make:)

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

My daughters design!

I am proud of my 6 yr old daughter she is so creative. During the summer holidays my daughter wanted to do some designs and this is her first design!

My daughter Olivia Taylor wearing her design I made the Olivia Taylor Necklace

My daughter is so proud of herself and I am so happy that I can be a good role model to her. She tell's me nearly everyday that she is proud of me and that I am the best jewellery designer in the world!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

MR BONES brass ring

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, I have been extremely busy and I have some exciting news coming soon! All will be revealed very soon:)

Today I made a matching ring of the Mr Bones necklace that is similar to Alexa Chung's skull necklace.

Mr Bones brass ring

Sunday, 15 August 2010

I am a finalist for The Saleswoman Award at The Mumpreneur Awards 2010!

I am proud to announce I am a finalist for The Saleswoman Award at The Mumpreneur Awards 2010!

I was so surprised about this that I had to double check that they had the right person! Once they assured me it was correct I realised that I am actually a good saleswoman, I never thought of myself as a saleswoman before but as I run my business on my own I'm actually a lot of things!

The award ceremony is on the 18th September and two of the judges are people I like. One judge on the panel is Rachel Elnaugh who is one of the original Dragons from Dragon's Den which I would like to add I so much prefered Rachel than Deborah Meaden who is currently on the show.
Deborah might be a nice person in real life but I don't like the way she is on the show. I don't think you need to be so mean and aggressive in business but I suppose it makes it more interesting for the show. I wish they would bring back Rachel and have at least two Dragon's that are women!

The second judge that I love is Jo Cameron from The Apprentice. She was so funny on the show and such a nice person. This is what is said about Jo "In 2006 she beat off 10,000 other hopefuls to secure her place in the hugely successful TV show The Apprentice. She was the most written about and the most memorable candidate. What made her famous was her sincerity, her passion and her ability to stand up for what she believed in. She made so much of an impact that she was commissioned to write the official BBC Apprentice column the following year."

Dragon's Den and The Apprentice are two of my favourite shows. I love to watch shows that are inspiring and they give me the push to succeed even more:)

Monday, 2 August 2010

My Timepiece pendant in this months Vogue!

A couple of my designs have been in weekly magazines as they were worn by Fearne Cotton but my name was not mentioned.

The first magazine my name and design is featured in is Vogue!

My Timepiece Long Chain Pendant, lucky number 7:)

I am so proud to have a design in Vogue. The magazine is still on sale now and every time I go into a shop and see the magazine it makes me smile and feel proud of what I have achieved:)

Friday, 30 July 2010

A Thank You Card From Alexa Chung

As promised I scanned the card Alexa Chung sent me. Isn't her artwork lovely?

Alexa Chung will be launching her Madewell collection in Septemeber in the New York Soho store which include her T shirt designs with her illustrations.

The card from Alexa Chung is for the designs I sent her, I sent one of my interchangeable vintage chains with 3 pendants:

A golden harmonica, skeleton lady cameo and magnifying glass pendant to go with the long interchangeable chain so look out for when/if she wears my designs:)