Friday, 28 October 2011

Lauren Pope wearing my Corpse Bride long chain pendant

Today I bought New Magazine and was surprised to see Lauren Pope from The Only Way Is Essex wearing my Corpse Bride long chain pendant.

This is the outfit Lauren Pope wore on last Sunday's episode of The Only Way Is Essex in the scene with Lydia Bright's shop opening. I wasn't sure as the camera's didn't focus much on Lauren Pope in that scene but I found a photo of Lauren Pope with Lauren Goodger and Gemma Atkins on their way to the shop launch.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Lucy Mecklenburgh - The Only Way Is Essex

I am totally addicted to The Only Way Is Essex! I can't wait for tonight's episode, I am so intrigued about Lucy Mecklenburgh and Mario Falcone's relationship. Did Lucy cheat on Mario? Is Mark Wright lying? He has lied in the past so it is hard to believe him but then his sister Jessica Wright did say Lucy stayed at Mark's flat. I hope we find out but we may never know!

When I met Lucy Mecklenburgh at my Press day last July she seemed really nice. Lucy is very good friends with Mario's sister Giovanna Falcone and she said on her twitter that Mark is lying so she must have a reason to say that.

Above is a photo of Mario Falcone and Lucy Mecklenburgh out for lunch. They do make a beautiful couple. Lucy is wearing My Fair Lady bracelet she chose at my press day. It is hard to see but I can spot my designs a mile away!

Here is Lucy Mecklenburgh wearing My Fair Lady bracelet in a photo shoot taken the same day as my Press day as Lucy is wearing the same outfit she wore to my Press day.

I haven't spotted any of The Only Way Is Essex cast wearing my designs on the show yet but Lauren Pope, Mario Fowler, Lauren Goodger, Sam and Billie Faiers have my designs too so I am keeping eye's peeled!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Star Magazine October 2011

Star Magazine featuring my Vintage Pearl and Emerald Necklace. This design was originally designed for Jennifer Lopez for her Capital Radio Summertime Ball gift bag and I have another 6 vintage emerald jewels to make 6 more necklaces. Both the jewel and the unique dimpled vintage pearls are rare vintage findings.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Millie Mackintosh from Made In Chelsea wearing my jewellery designs

I will blog soon about other news but I am still excited to see my jewellery designs on Made In Chelsea every week.

Last Monday's episode of Made In Chelsea started off with Millie wearing my Vintage blue eye necklace in the hairdressers. The photo below is a photo Millie Mackintosh tweeted on Twitter at a different occasion when she was at the hairdressers but she was wearing my Vintage blue eye necklace.

I loved the scene with Millie throwing a drink over Hugo for cheating on her! I wonder who it was he cheated with?? He is crazy to have cheated on Millie but it is his loss!

Millie was also wearing my Vintage blue eye necklace in her last scene in last Monday's episode at a coffee shop in Chelsea when she announced she wanted to leave London, I really hope she doesn't go.

If Millie stays look out for more jewellery designs she has of mine. This is another twitter photo Millie tweeted of my Emerald City II bracelet she wore

Millie also has my Vintage red jewelled version too

and my Limited Edition Bird & Ball locket long chain pendant with vintage light blue beaded chain.

Millie chose these designs at my press day in July. She originally chose my Peace earrings

as she liked my Peace earrings and Peace pendant I also sent her the Peace & Love earrings which Millie wore in Made In Chelsea

One last design that Millie has is my Friends engraved bracelet with the words "Friends are kisses blown by angels. - unknown"