Sunday, 24 March 2013

Jewellery For Lauren Conrad From The Hills

I am lucky to have the opportunity to send Lauren Conrad from the US reality TV show The Hills some of my jewellery designs. I have only recently watched The Hills for the first time. After watching Celebrity Big Brother with Heidi and Spencer I was curious about them and wanted to watch The Hills so when I saw MTV were playing The Hills season 3 I series linked it.

I must admit I am addicted now and I think it is much better than our reality show Made In Chelsea and The Only Way Is Essex. I really like Lauren Conrad's character, she seems like a lovely girl which you follow the dramas of friendships and boyfriends. I noticed she wore more delicate kind of jewellery so I designed a necklace especially for her:

Pink Vintage Jewel Charm Necklace

I've had the pink vintage jewel for years but never made a design with them. I knew they would come in handy one day, I have boxes of materials I haven't used yet! I only had 6 of the pink vintage jewels so I had 5 for sale on my website but there is only a few left now.

I sent Lauren Conrad quite a few designs:

Gold Love necklace

Gold Love ring

Gold peace & love necklace

Gold peace & love ring

Gold cat ring

A Nice Cup Of Rosy Lea Necklace

Blue eye necklace

Gold owl stud earrings

Rainbow teardrop earrings

Butterfly earrings

Vintage Turquoise Matrix & Rose Pink Jewel Earrings

Green Peridot & Rose Pink Vintage Jewel Earrings

Fuschia Pink & Peridot Green Vintage Jewel Earrings

Vintage Turquoise & Coral Earrings

Gold cube drop earrings

Vintage Crystal & Pink Frosted Jewel Earrings

Love cuff bracelet

and Friends cuff bracelet

Thursday, 14 March 2013

St Patrick's Day Emerald Picks & Discount Code

I love emerald jewels, here are some of my favourite emerald designs:

Emerald City Brass Filigree Bracelet

Emerald City Jewel Ring

Gold Filled Emerald Jewel Bracelet

Emerald Vintage Jewel Ring

Emerald Jewel Earrings

Vintage Pearl & Emerald Necklace

Unfortunately I can only make 1 more emerald and pearl necklace as the emerald jewel is rare vintage so I will be making a similar new design soon when I find the right jewels to use.

Natasha Hamilton Wearing My Designs On The Big Reunion

Last weeks episode of The Big Reunion I spotted a few of my designs on Natasha Hamilton from Atomic Kitten. I first noticed Natasha Hamilton with my angel wings iPhone cover when she was ringing Kerry Katona at the beginning of the episode.

Then later on in the episode when all the bands performed in front of each other Natasha Hamilton was wearing my blue eye necklace

Natasha Hamilton was also wearing our collaborated green opal ring design

Most of the episode Natasha was wearing my blue eye necklace and green opal ring