Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Librarian

I'm really getting into doing style boards. If I had more time I would do them everyday! What I love about Kaboodle is that you can add products to your "Wish List" or make any kind of lists. You can do it straight from the product as I have added Kaboodle to my tool bar so when ever I see anything I like I just add it to my Wish List.

Here is my style board called "The Librarian" that I made on Polyvore:

My favourite piece apart from my necklace Reading Glasses Long Chain Pendant is the blouse. I love fitted shirts and especially this one from which is made by Labour of Love, London.

I love the shoes too but I prefer these shoes below:

These are from but are no longer available! I found them on Kaboodle, like I said before it is a great community to share products so if anyone who has joined or will join add me as a friend and we can share our wonderful fashion items that we find:)

Sunday, 10 October 2010


I have found another website called Polyvore to make style boards that I think looks better than the Kaboodle style boards but I prefer Kadoodle for the community and fun things to do.

I made the style board above on Polyfore which is the kind of outfit I would wear out on Halloween and the best pendant to go with the Halloween theme is my lovely quirky skeleton lady cameo the Corpse Bride long chain pendant.

The style board below is on Kaboodle, if I was tall I would wear this dress but long dresses don't suit me unfortunately.

Corpse Bride
Corpse Bride by zarataylor

I'm loving the Alexander McQueen skull shoes but they are too high for me. I do prefer comfort when it comes to shoes as I have a low pain thresh hold!

My favourite piece is the Alexander McQueen skull and crown bag which is definitely on my wish list.

I really recommend joining Kaboodle and Polyvore, making style boards are so much fun and I'm finding some lovely things to put on my new wish list:)

Thursday, 7 October 2010


This is the first time I've ever done a style board and I had so much fun!

Hello Sailor
Hello Sailor by zarataylor

I love wearing my jewellery everyday and love matching my outfits with my jewellery so this was so enjoyable to do as I could choose what ever I wanted.
I love this outfit as it goes so well with my telescope pendant and most of all I have fallen in love with the bag and boots!

This is "Marc By Marc Jacobs Saddlery Sophie" that I absolutely LOVE and WANT! It is now top of my wish list of bag's that I most want and these boots are a perfect match.

"The Aberdeen Two-Tone Boot" from Madewell which is the same brand that Alexa Chung designs! Don't you just love them? These are top of my wish list too:)

I joined Kaboodle a long time ago but never got round to doing much on there but it looks like a fun community. You can make polls of things you can't decide on and other member's can vote on which they think is the best choice. Take a look its so much fun:)