Saturday, 4 June 2011

A new start

I have so much great news to tell but I thought I would make my blog a bit more personal so people can get to know me the designer. When I first started my blog my intentions were for people to know where I get my inspiration from and get to know the person behind the designs.

Firstly I want people to know a bit about me. I was born in South London and brought up by my Irish Mother. She was a very independent strong woman that came to London when she was 17 years old. I never lived with my Thai Father, he lives in Thailand.

My Mother died exactly 4 months ago today, she caught the Swine Flu last Christmas and was in an induced coma for 40 days before she died. It has been a very hard time for me but my Mum was very proud of me, she would want me to stay strong and follow my dreams.

Here we are together at the Mumpretuner awards last September when I was nominated for an award for my jewellery business.

Since my Mum's death my work and family have kept me motivated to keep going and stay strong though it has been challenging at times. I have such positive people around me, who are so proud and supportive. I do feel lucky!

I think its important to stay positive and be surrounded by good people. My friends who are around me now are so inspirational and I am blown away by the amazing support they have been to me.

My close friends now have been helping me stay strong and helping me with my jewellery business. This includes my partner Matthew Taylor who has given up work to help me full time run the online shop as well as look after our two kids.

We have moved to my Mum's house in London where we have more space to work and I feel closer to my Mum too. Lots of changes are happening right now and I believe my Mum is guiding me in the right direction:)


  1. Lovely to learn more about you and your family Zara! Your positive outlook is so inspiring. I look forward to seeing your continued success in your business :)

    Emma x

  2. Thanks Emma, I will be posting more personal blog posts and photos too.
    Lovely comments from my customers keep me going too so thanks for your support:)xxxx