Monday, 26 September 2011

Made In Chelsea - Series Two

I was so excited last week watching the new series of Made In Chelsea as I knew Francesca (Cheska) Hull would be wearing my Limited Edition necklace in the first episode.

Cheska Hull saw this design at my press day which I originally designed for Jessie J and she was filming the first episode of Made In Chelsea that same day so she wanted to wear it. Cheska was so lovely she said she would give it back but I let her keep it even though I only have 3 left now. The jewels are rare vintage, the tassels are vintage and even the chunky chain is vintage.

The scene with Cheska Hull was longer than I thought and it was with one of my favourite characters Ollie Locke.

I was also nicely surprised to see Millie Mackintosh wearing my Peace Pendant which was also gifted to Millie at my press day.

In tonight's Made In Chelsea episode Millie will be also wearing my Vintage eye necklace and Love & Peace earrings. I love seeing my designs on telly:)

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