Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Made In Chelsea - Series 3 Episode 5

I promise to blog about other news soon but I want to catch up with the Made In Chelsea episodes featuring my jewellery designs. I swear I saw Millie wearing my Peace & Love earrings in series 3 and also my pointed jewel ring again but I am not sure which episode. Anyway Millie is wearing my turquoise earrings a lot in this series
I love that both Hugo and Millie have found love with other people and can still be friends. Here is Millie wearing my turquoise earrings again when she met up with Hugo
and Millie was also wearing my turquoise ring again
Millie wears my turquoise ring a lot, here she is at the art gallery party scene when Hugo was talking about her boyfriend Professor Green and trying to rap!

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