Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Vintage Inspired T Shirt Designs

I already had a couple of T shirts on my website but I have designed more T shirt designs using vintage images which I am excited about as I love designing.

Here is my favourite my Pegasus vest top which I used part of a vintage sketch from the 1850s!

My other favourite T shirt design is my I'm Late Rabbit T shirt because this is more personal to me as I am always late!

This was made with the white rabbit image from a vintage Alice In Wonderland book. Here is my friend again modelling my new T shirt design, birdcage pendant and rabbit pin pocket watch.

I love crop top T shirts so I have made a couple of crop top designs. This is my Queen Bee crop top t shirt, made with french vintage artwork from the 1880s!

I love the peace sign as people know from how many peace sign jewellery designs I have made so I had to do a peace sign T shirt! This is made with vintage artwork from the 1880s of two doves on a wedding ring that I turned into a peace sign.

I started designing T shirts last year for my husbands T shirt brand Crow Wear and I have only added this design recently as I thought it goes well with my nautical designs. My Hello Sailor vest top is my design illustrated by my talented old school friend Melanie Manning.

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