Wednesday, 11 December 2013

My Night At The UK Lingerie Awards

Last week I went to the UK Lingerie Awards at Freemasons' Hall in London's Covent Garden as my PR worked on the event so I had a VIP pass. This is what I wore:

I only wear my own jewellery designs so I wore my Ivy leaf arm bracelet

I bumped into the boyband Kingsland Road from X Factor

I had to get my photo taken with them!

My PA Vicky came to the UK Lingerie Awards with me and she had her photo taken with them too.

We bumped into Josie Gibson from Big Brother which we've met before, she remembered us so we had a lovely chat with her.

I love The Only Way Is Essex so I was excited to meet some of the cast members of TOWIE. I had a quick chat with Jessica Wright, Carol Wright and Nanny Pat, they were so lovely!

I also had a nice chat with Chloe Sims and Frankie Essex. Chloe introduced me to a lovely lady saying she was Joey Essex's Mum but I assumed she is his Step Mum but after watching I'm A Celebrity Coming Out show his Dad's girlfriend was in it so maybe she is his ex-wife not sure but she was lovely anyway.

I had a few rings in my bag so I gave them all one of my crystal rings as they liked mine and Chloe liked my fox ring that my PA was wearing so I gave her one of those too.

They were really friendly, Frankie Essex was with her boyfriend who seemed really nice too.

Model Georgia Horsley was modelling at the awards so I bumped into her when she finished. She has modelled for me and I have met her fiancée Danny Jones from McFly before too. His sister Vicky Jones is my PR's assistant.

When the awards finished I met Sam Callahan from X Factor and he was such a sweetie!

He noticed my angel wings iPhone case and we had a good chat about how his Mum believes in angels and all positive stuff like that. He was at the after party at Aura nightclub in Mayfair and I met his brother too there. He was so lovely too.

Sam Callahan showed us his tattoo on his bum!

I was a bit tipsy as there was free drinks at the awards and wouldn't leave poor Sam alone as he was such a cutie!

We chatted about him and Tamera Foster from X Factor. He was so sweet about her, I absolutely love a love story and hope it works out between them 

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