Monday, 19 July 2010

Davina McCall wearing my designs on Big Brother!

I am over the moon and so honoured that Davina McCall has been wearing my jewellery designs on Big Brother and Big Brother Little Brother!
I made her a lovely dainty necklace with a vintage blue crystal eye connector that can not be found anywhere so there is only 3 of these necklaces that have been made.

The beautiful Davina McCall on Big Brother 9th July 2010

This is one of my first designs I designed when I first started designing vintage inspired jewellery back in Oct/Nov 2009 and I feel this was fate that I never sold these so I could send this to Davina for the last ever Big Brother in the UK.

I have also made Davina McCall a vintage pink crystal eye version that she wore on the show Big Brother Little Brother on the 16th July 2010

Davina McCall is an inspiring role model who is a very successful TV presenter and also a Mum like me:) She is so funny and makes me laugh and when ever she is on telly she cheers me up so I hope to watch more programmes with her when Big Brother is over.


  1. Hi Zara :) my mam's not had her blue eye pendant off since she recieved it! & she's recieved many compliments from it so your name has been passed on! I'm still waiting for my magnifying glass necklace from style clone I can't wait for it to get here!! xx

  2. Fab pendant Zara!
    Pleased to be your new follower via Create and FB Val

  3. Love the pendant :)

    what great pr for your site. Davina look rough in that first pic!

  4. Hi Becky, I'm so happy your Mum likes her necklace! Only Davina and your Mum has that necklace!! You should remind Style Clone to send it. Thanks, Zara:)

  5. Thanks for my other comments:)
    Davina looked beautiful that night on Big Brother but it was hard to take a pic of the telly screen so its my fault!

  6. Woo Hoo

    My friend makes jewellery items. I will send her over to your Blog site when she comes out to Cyprus to visit me at the end of next month.

    Love the famous "stars" you have wearing your products.

    My friend sells a lot to raise funds for a local greyhound rescue society so it's all in a good cause.

    I have nothing to do with jewellery or craft items, but am in the "hobby" market with my website Cyprus Stamps.

    I have a separate blogspot that's a mixture of all things Cyprus and some stamp collecting info as well as a mixture of other things.

    Would be happy for you to check me out:

    Think your stuff is really great and a breath of fresh air.


  7. Congratulations on such a great opportunity!! Your jewelery looks gorgeous.