Friday, 30 July 2010

A Thank You Card From Alexa Chung

As promised I scanned the card Alexa Chung sent me. Isn't her artwork lovely?

Alexa Chung will be launching her Madewell collection in Septemeber in the New York Soho store which include her T shirt designs with her illustrations.

The card from Alexa Chung is for the designs I sent her, I sent one of my interchangeable vintage chains with 3 pendants:

A golden harmonica, skeleton lady cameo and magnifying glass pendant to go with the long interchangeable chain so look out for when/if she wears my designs:)


  1. I've just discovered your blog and jewellery through FernLaura's post and I think it's absolutely beautiful. I'll definitely be asking family and friends for something for my birthday, or maybe even treating myself before then x

  2. I heard about your jewellery on FernLaura's blog, and absolutely love it. I also love the fact that you provide free delivery! I will definately be placing a few orders.

  3. Thanks Helen and Penelope! I am providing free delivery worldwide at the moment but it may change soon but I have designed my website as an online shopper myself and it is easier to know what you you want when you don't need to consider the shipping charges:)x