Monday, 4 July 2011

Introducing my partner

I would like to introduce my partner Matthew Taylor.

We have been together 8 and a half years and been engaged for 5 years! We keep planning to get married but never got round to it yet hence the name "Zara Taylor" we were due to marry when I first started my jewellery business but I've been so busy ever since we haven't had time to organize a wedding yet!

Matt left work at the end of last year while my Mum was in hospital to help me run the online shop and has been making most of the orders ever since.

He has been designing some new designs for my new collection which I will be revealing later this month.

The current design that Matt has designed on my website is Crossing Paths Necklace

We make a great partnership not only in our personal lives but also for our jewellery business:)


  1. Oh that's so lovely! You guys are too cute, and I love that your business is going so well - well done you Zara!! Oh, and gorgeous design too. Am definitely putting on my xmas and bday lists 'jewelry from Zara Taylor (and Matt)'! xxx

  2. That's so lovely that your partner is so involved in your business - I love his design :)