Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Millie Mackintosh Eye Lash Line for Nouveau Lashes

It is nice to see Millie Mackintosh doing so well. I first met Millie in July 2011 before she was a main character in Made In Chelsea so it is good to see how far she has come.

Millie has been modelling for various brands including Lipsy VIP collection and now she has her own range of false eye lashes for Nouveau lashes.

I love eye lash extensions but their not practical so I would try false eye lashes and Millie's eye lash line sounds really good.

The launch of her eye lashes was yesterday and she was interviewed by Grazia. I was reading her interview and shocked to see she mentioned me! Well my earrings:)

As she was wearing my Peace & Love earrings at her interview.

Millie even wore my Peace & Love earrings at her launch of her eye lashes line last night.

Millie's boyfriend Professor Green went to the launch to support her and look how proud he is of her, so sweet:)

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