Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Millie Mackintosh Wearing My Navy Blue Jewel Earrings On Made In Chelsea

There isn't much of a story line for Millie Mackintosh in series 4 of Made In Chelsea so I am not getting to see Millie wearing much of my jewellery designs. In the first episode of series 4 she wore my peace & love earrings and vintage turquoise matrix ring

I have been watching out every episode and at last in episode 5 she wore my jewel earrings. Millie has so many of my earrings so I wasn't sure which colour as a few people thought they were emerald and she has my emerald jewel earrings.

After looking closer they look my navy blue earrings which were not even on my website. My navy blue jewel earrings are now available on my website.

I hope to see Millie wearing lots more of my jewellery designs in the rest of series 4 of Made In Chelsea.

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