Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Clothes Show Live Part 2

Last Monday I went to The Clothes Show Live to see how my jewellery was selling and check out the show for the first time.

I bumped into Josie Gibson the winner from Big Brother 2010 as she was shopping with her friend. She is so lovely and friendly.

Josie Gibson has my real turquoise gold ring and gold ribbed cuff. I bumped into Josie outside as well and she was telling me how much she loves the gold ribbed cuff.

I went to see the Fashion show and saw JLS which was exciting:)

BB from Dirty Sexy Things was modelling, I loved that show!

Then right at the end I met up with Zainab the winner of Styled To Rock Rihanna's fashion reality show. We had a nice chat and she looked through my designs. She loved my pointed jewel rings, cat ring and gold hammered bracelet.

I am sending Zainab some jewellery to use in her photoshoot for her Lookbook this weekend so that will be exciting to see.

Overall The Clothes Show was a interesting experience but I am not sure if I will be selling next year as it is more of a place for cheap bargains. I didn't see any clothes I liked, considering it is called The Clothes Show the clothes sold there are clothes you would buy in the market so not very good quality and I prefer quality than cheap prices I'm afraid.

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