Saturday, 11 May 2013

My Holiday & Wedding In Thailand

I haven't blogged for over a month as I have been away to Thailand for a month to get married. I am officially Mrs Zara Taylor now!

I have blogged about this before, I have been engaged for over 5 years to Matthew Taylor and we've intended to get married every year for 5 years that is why I named my brand Zara Taylor. My jewellery brand took off straight away and kept us too busy to organise our wedding so this year we went to Thailand to get married. Close family and friends came so that was special for us.

I wore my Light Colorado Topaz & Crystal Vintage Jewel Earrings on my wedding day.

My wedding dress is a vintage dress I found at a vintage market which I think is a Victorian nightie! It is made from lace so see-through but my friend made a slip to wear underneath.

We got married on Nang Yuan island which is near Koh Tao. It is three islands connected with a sand/beach walkway which is where we had the ceremony. Our villa/room had the most amazing view. I wore my raw brass vintage mood stone ring the morning of my wedding and as you can see the mood stone was blue for "relaxed"

We bought our wedding rings in Thailand, my wedding ring is white gold which I wear with my engagement ring and silver love ring here.

We had the most amazing wedding and holiday in Thailand. We went to Koh Phangnan for the full moon party a few days after the wedding. I wore the full moon party wrist band over my gold ribbed cuff bracelet.

I also wore my colourful vintage stone earrings and gold large turquoise ring.

I wore my vintage mood stone ring a lot during the day as I liked seeing the stone change different shades of blue as I was very "relaxed"

The views were breath taking, I wore my raw brass vintage mood stone ring and gold cat ring here in Thong Nai Pan on Koh Phangnan island.

I wore my vintage dragons breath double stone ring.

I wore my Light Colorado Topaz & Crystal Vintage Jewel Earrings again out for dinner.

I also wore my vintage rose pointed jewel ring and gold ribbed cuff bracelet.

I love wearing silver on holiday as it looks nice with a tan. I wore my small vintage turquoise matrix ring.

I also wore my silver ribbed cuff bracelet too.

While I was in Thailand a few of us got bamboo tattoos which is just like a normal tattoo but less painful so I had the guts to get a small one. I got a Thai orchid on my wrist to match my Irish shamrock tattoo I got when I was 21 yrs old as I am half Irish and half Thai.

I also love wearing turquoise on holiday. I wore my silver large turquoise ring.

Also my turquoise peace bracelet.

Now I am back home and I haven't designed any jewellery for a whole month I have been making new designs everyday which I love. Check out my new designs here....