Thursday, 1 August 2013

I Met Sarah Harding From Girls Aloud!

Yesterday I met Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud at my PR's office. She popped by and I was lucky that my PR told me the day before so I could prepare some designs for her. I laid out about 30 designs on the table for her to choose from. I was so nervous she wouldn't like my designs but when she walked in she saw them and said she loved them all!

I couldn't believe how nice and down to earth she was considering she was in such a successful girl band, Girls Aloud! I literally forgot she was famous after a minute I met her and was chatting away with her as if she was a friend. She was overwhelmed with the jewellery I brought to show her, I thought she might like a few pieces but she said she loved them all. She was so grateful for bringing the jewellery to show her. Straight away Sarah put on my ankhs charm ear cuff, I wish I took a photo! Here is Sarah Harding wearing my silver peace & love ring.

Fearne Cotton also wore my silver peace & love ring and I think Sarah Harding has a very similar style to Fearne Cotton. Sarah also chose my silver peace & love pendant which she said she will wear in LA. There is too many designs to list that Sarah has but even after she chose the designs she saw others on my PR's shelve that she loved and especially loved my crossing paths swallow necklace. Sarah even loved my gold fishbone necklace I was wearing so I took it off and gave it to her! 

When Sarah was getting ready to go she noticed my new T shirts on the side which I forgot to show her and loved my Peace Dove crop top which she wants to wear in LA.

Sarah also loved my Queen Bee crop top and going to wear it in LA too.

Sarah is going LA with her boyfriend Mark Foster who is a DJ and music producer. He was also at my PR's office, he is so lovely and friendly too. He was even helping Sarah choose designs and saying what suited her. How nice is that for a boyfriend to be interested in things like that!

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