Thursday, 16 September 2010

Fashion Bloggers

I have been featured in a lot of fashion blog's over the last few months and so much other exciting stuff which I felt too overwhelmed to blog about. I want to start blogging more often now so I will update you all with what is happening now.

At the moment I officially sponsor two fashion blog's, A Little Bird Told Me and Llymlrs

I'll start with Llymlrs

Lily is 19 yrs old and I was her first sponsor. Above is the first photo of Lily wearing my jewellery designs. I love her blog and love the concept of showing people outfits that you wear each day. She has worn my designs with many outfits not because I sponser her blog but because she likes my designs. My long chain pendants are designed to be worn everyday with many outfits. That is my concept and that is what I do. I have worn the same chain everyday for around 10 months now which I made interchangeable so I can swap the pendants round each day for each outfit. I use a special vintage clasp so that the pendants can come off the chain. That is what I did for Fearne Cotton and Lily.

Lily wearing my Corpse Bride Pendant which I will start wearing soon as Halloween is next month (I LOVE Halloween:)

Lily playing my miniature harmonica pendant which I love as I always wanted to have a pic of someone playing it. I sponsor Lily's blog but I don't ask for her to wear my jewellery so it's a nice surprise when I look on her blog.

Lily wearing my binocular pendant and a lovely Primark dress. Fashion blog's are good for seeing the latest fashion and styles so I would highly recommend followering A Little Bird Told Me and Llymlrs blog's.

I will update with more news soon. I have started doing my interchangeable range with my new hourglass pendant and cockroach collection. I will be adding the option to the rest of my long chain pendants next week as I'm off to The Mumpreneur Conference & Awards this weekend so outfit to prepare and matching jewellery to make:)


  1. Great post :)

    I'm already a follower of Lily's, so as a jewellery fan had already spotted all of your lovely pieces on her blog!