Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Fearne and.....my magnifying glass pendant!

Fearne Cotton has been wearing my magnifying glass pendant for nearly 6 months now and I still get excited when I see her wearing it.

Did anyone see Fearne Cotton wearing my magnifying glass pendant on the latest shows of "Fearne and...."?

The first episode in this series was "Fearne and Mischa Barton" which was interesting as I have only seen Mischa Barton in the magazines so it was good to see what she is like in real life. I felt sorry for her but at the same time thought it was quite bad that she kept Fearne Cotton waiting for so long all the time.

Fearne Cotton wearing my magnifying glass pendant in LA with Mischa Barton:)

While Fearne Cotton was filming in LA she also filmed some of her second episode with Perez Hilton.

Fearne Cotton on the 16th August with Perez Hilton in Beverley Hills wearing my magnifying glass pendant:)

I also enjoyed this episode as I never knew much about Perez Hilton and I admired his drive to do well as I am like that, be the best you can be. He has done really well with his blog and he is worth millions:)

This was the photo Fearne Cotton used on her Twitter profile a few months ago, how amazing is that? I couldn't of found a better photo of her wearing my pendant. You can see the vintage brass clasp I used to make the chain interchangeable. She has also worn my telescope pendant, harmonica pendant and flying cockroach with this chain. I love it:)

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