Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Librarian

I'm really getting into doing style boards. If I had more time I would do them everyday! What I love about Kaboodle is that you can add products to your "Wish List" or make any kind of lists. You can do it straight from the product as I have added Kaboodle to my tool bar so when ever I see anything I like I just add it to my Wish List.

Here is my style board called "The Librarian" that I made on Polyvore:

My favourite piece apart from my necklace Reading Glasses Long Chain Pendant is the blouse. I love fitted shirts and especially this one from which is made by Labour of Love, London.

I love the shoes too but I prefer these shoes below:

These are from but are no longer available! I found them on Kaboodle, like I said before it is a great community to share products so if anyone who has joined or will join add me as a friend and we can share our wonderful fashion items that we find:)

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  1. the shoes are adorable.

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