Sunday, 10 October 2010


I have found another website called Polyvore to make style boards that I think looks better than the Kaboodle style boards but I prefer Kadoodle for the community and fun things to do.

I made the style board above on Polyfore which is the kind of outfit I would wear out on Halloween and the best pendant to go with the Halloween theme is my lovely quirky skeleton lady cameo the Corpse Bride long chain pendant.

The style board below is on Kaboodle, if I was tall I would wear this dress but long dresses don't suit me unfortunately.

Corpse Bride
Corpse Bride by zarataylor

I'm loving the Alexander McQueen skull shoes but they are too high for me. I do prefer comfort when it comes to shoes as I have a low pain thresh hold!

My favourite piece is the Alexander McQueen skull and crown bag which is definitely on my wish list.

I really recommend joining Kaboodle and Polyvore, making style boards are so much fun and I'm finding some lovely things to put on my new wish list:)

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