Saturday, 16 February 2013

Millie Mackintosh Wearing My Mood Stone Ring

Millie Mackintosh has some of my new designs which includes my raw brass vintage mood stone ring. Millie Mackintosh is wearing my mood stone ring in this photo from her Instagram pic.

I love wearing my vintage mood stone ring as it is fun to wear. The colour changes when my mood changes. In the photo of Millie Mackintosh her mood stone was green so she was feeling "normal"

When I am stressed the mood stone is a black grey colour so I try and change my mood so the stone changes colour. Here are some pics of when I was wearing my mood stone ring.

I was wearing my antiqued brass version and feeling excited that is why the mood stone is a red colour.

This is when I was watching telly and feeling "normal"

I was wearing my sterling silver version with my silver love ring and feeling relaxed.

This is the colour the mood stone turned when I was eating chocolate!

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