Saturday, 17 December 2011

Jewellery designs for The Saturdays

I am so excited to have the opportunity to make jewellery for the girl band The Saturdays. Here are the designs I made for each of the members:

Firstly I had the idea to make them all my Pointed jewel rings and researched their favourite colours. They have a nail vanish range with their favourite colours which matched all the colours I make for my pointed rings.

Una - Green
Vanessa - Blue
Rochelle - Red
Mollie - Purple

and Frankie - my new black diamond pointed jewel ring:

I wanted the designs to be personalised so I made them each my Personalised Vintage Pearl Necklace:

The rest of the designs are different to each member of the band:

Una Healy:

As she is Irish I thought she would like my large International Clover Pendant

My new antiqued brass angel wing bracelet

I added an extra design for Una as she is pregnant I thought I would add my Mother & Baby Cameo Brooch:

Vanessa White:

Heart Locket Pendant

Leaf & Pearl Bracelet

Rochelle Wiseman:

Vintage Star Necklace

Vintage Harlequin Bracelet

Mollie King:

Vintage style purse locket pendant

Bird & Pearl Bracelet

Frankie Sandford:

Large Renaissance Style Cross Silver Long Chain Pendant

Vintage Turquoise Matrix Bracelet II

I'm not 100% sure which bracelets I gave to Mollie and Frankie as I originally chose the vintage turquoise bracelet for Mollie but at the last minute I thought the bird & pearl bracelet would suit Mollie best. Either way I hope they all like the designs I chose for them.

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