Saturday, 3 December 2011

Millie Mackintosh wearing lots of my jewellery designs!

Millie Mackintosh from Made In Chelsea has been wearing lots of my designs lately to all the parties she has been going to in the last week.

Here is Millie at the Q Club wearing my Leaf & Pearl Earrings and Vintage Aztec Necklace.

Here is Millie at the Nokia Lumia 800 party on The Thames wearing my Raw Brass Filigree Leaf Earrings.

Deadmau5 were playing Live on The Thames too.

Millie said in her email that she would be wearing my Royal Blue Pointed Jewel Ring and Royal Blue Jewel Bracelet to the OK magazine Christmas Party but I haven't found any photos yet so maybe she decided not to go. She did wear my Royal Blue Pointed Jewel Ring at the Made In Chelsea Wrap Party though.

Millie also wore my Vintage Aztec Necklace and Evil Eye Necklace to the Made In Chelsea Wrap Party too.

The Evil Eye Necklace turns downwards sometimes when worn so I am debating whether to sell this design as I like my designs to be perfect. Millie wore the Evil Eye Necklace before shown in a photo she tweeted on Twitter.

I have emailed Millie about this but she doesn't seem to mind as she wore it to the Made In Chelsea Wrap Party but I am working on a new design and making the Evil Eye's in a bracelet design instead.

Millie also said in her emails that she would love an Evil Eye Bracelet so I am sending her my last one but I should have more stock in a week or so. One last thing I also showed Millie my new Vintage Star Necklace as she has three star's tattooed on the back of her shoulder I thought she would like it and she said she loves it so I have sent her this design.

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  1. I remember that vintage star necklace! Millie wore it in a March 2012 issue of a men’s magazine. That necklace really made an impression on me so I remember exactly where I saw it. Haha! Amazing, isn’t it? Well, I’m usually like this when it comes to the things I fancy very much. :p

    Cassandra Zengilowski