Sunday, 11 December 2011

Meeting Millie Mackintosh from Made In Chelsea

My blog is turning into a blog mainly about Millie Mackintosh from Made In Chelsea but I just love it when someone is excited about my designs and especially someone so stylish as Millie Mackintosh!

I met Millie last Tuesday in South Kensington as she was going on holiday to India that day and she wanted to take some of my new designs with her. I have met Millie before at my press day last July but that was before the second series of Made In Chelsea and in the second series Millie was the main character so I felt like I knew her really well. It felt like I was meeting a friend as we chatted none stop.

She was wearing my new Vintage star necklace and Royal blue pointed jewel ring which was nice to see. Millie suggested going to Star Bucks for a drink so we sat down and I showed her my new designs I brought with me.

Millie said she loved how my designs were so reasonable priced like the Peace & Love earrings.

She loved my Butterfly earrings so much she put them on straight away! She said I really know her style.

She also loved my new Star earrings.

Millie wanted a black version of my Pointed Jewel Ring and I also gave her one of my garnet purple version of the Pointed jewel ring which she also loved.

I gave her one of my new Vintage twisted snake chain and she liked the mix of gold and grey.

I also gave Millie three bracelets the Evil Eye bracelet that she wanted and she wanted me to put on her straight away! I gave her two of my new designs the vintage harlequin bracelet

and my new vintage turquoise matrix bracelet which she said Caggie would love!

I also made Millie a matching ring. It was so surreal Millie sitting with me in Star Bucks wearing my necklace, ring, earrings and bracelet. I really wish I took a photo but we were both in a rush. I had to go to a Trend briefing and Millie had to pick something up in Harvey Nichols. She was so lovely and easy to talk to. She even helped me find the place I needed to get to.

As we were both busy that day we will be meeting in the New Year to discuss some custom designs we briefly talked about so look out for my designs in the third series of Made In Chelsea:)

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  1. Those butterfly and star earrings are so lovely! I don’t a lot of jewelry, but whenever I see jewelry pieces with either a star or a butterfly design, I’ll automatically buy it!

    -Paige Low