Saturday, 18 February 2012

New Compeition

I like to make my competitions different each time. I just LOVE seeing people wearing my designs celebrities and customers so this is a photo competition. To enter please post a photo of yourself wearing one of my designs on my Facebook page.

Like the photos below:

One of my customers in Japan wearing my silver bow necklace

One of my customers from the UK wearing my Magnifying glass pendant and Vintage glass flower bouquet earrings

Obviously you need to own my designs to enter so if you don't have any of my designs and you have "liked" my Facebook page look on my info page for a special discount code. The competition will end in two weeks (3rd March) so people have a chance to purchase my designs. The more designs you have and photos you post will be extra entries. One photo per design so no multiple photos of wearing the same design. Good luck and I look forward to seeing all the photos:)

Almost forgot the prize is a goodie bag of my jewellery worth £100!


  1. What a great comp Zara! It must be nice for you too to see all your customers wearing your beautiful jewellery! I'm looking forward to seeing the pics too!

    Emma x

  2. Your jewellery is amazing!